January 23, 2014

Group Projects. Blah

As many of you know I am still working on my Elementary Education degree. I just started my 2 newest classes last week. I am currently enrolled in a Spanish class and a Communications class. I really enjoy going to school and learning new things. What I do not enjoy is working on group projects. In college they are the worst. There normally is not assigned class time to work on them. You don't get to choose your partner. Partners are shady. I understand that they are supposed to help you in your career and that especially as a teacher collaboration is important. I have already learned these skills. I have a "real job", we have to work on group projects all the time. Someone who has to work in a group to "keep their job" tends to care a bit more about the group.

My 2 most recent partner experiences have not gone well. This time around, we had a project due on 1/21/14 and it was assigned to us the Tuesday before. My partner and I exchanged numbers and discussed our ideas on that following Thursday. He seemed like a great partner. Now... It's Monday. Project is due tomorrow and I have not heard from him. I know he has my number because he text-ed me so that I would have his number. Lucky for me I am use to this kind of thing. :( I have already completed my half of the project and I will complete the second half in just a bit.

How do you make sure that group projects go smoothly? Do you ever assign "at home"  group projects? What experiences did you have in college in relation to group projects? Any tips to save me some sanity when I am forced to work on my next group project?

~Mrs. Bearfield~


  1. Sadly I don't have any tips but I feel your pain- I hated being assigned partners & groups when I was getting my credential. At least it will all be behind you soon! :-)

    1. Very true! I am a little less than half way done!


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