December 31, 2013

How I Got my Cha-Ching Back!

If you have been around the TpT forums for any amount of time you have probably heard about the beloved cha ching sound that emits from your phone when you make a sale. With some recent app updates, the sound stopped. We were all heart broken. :( If you have an android phone (maybe iphones too) today is your lucky day! This tutorial should help you get that sound back into your life. Following these steps will help you set up a chaching sound anytime you receive a sale email from TpT. Enjoy!

Now this tutorial is a bit involved, but it can be applied to any type of email. Let's get started! :)

What you'll need:
An android phone
A gmail account
A computer
A cool Cha-Ching Sound (
Some patience

Open your gmail account and create a label. You can follow the google tutorial for doing that here. Mine is called "TpT Sales Notification". Take a look at the screen shots below to see which boxes to check. You may also wish to check the "Skip the Inbox" option, this will prevent 2 sounds from the same email.

From your cell phone go to this link and download a cha ching sound or find one of your own. Move the cha ching sound into you notification sounds folder. On my phone the proper place to put the sound was My Files > All Files > Device Storage > Media > Audio > Notifications. If you already have a sound on your phone that you would like to use you can skip this step.

From you phone open your gmail app and press the menu key to get to your settings. Select your email account, scroll down to Manage labels and choose your label (the one you created on the computer). Then click on Sync Messages and choose last 30 days. Check Label Notifications. Click sound to choose your ChaChing sound. If you don't see your cha ching sound in the list, make sure you moved it to the right folder. 
Save everything and wait. Once you make a sale you can enjoy the lovely sound of cha ching!
Repeat for any other email labels.

I don't have an  iPhone but if I can get my hands on one I will try to make a tutorial for it too. If this worked for you feel free to leave a comment with the type of phone you have. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.


  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I thought it was JUST ME! :) I am working on it right now! SOOOOO excited! wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  2. Awwww -- this is so, so, cool - but I have an I-phone... shucks! ;-)

    1. Some one said there were VIP alerts for iphone. If you can set up VIP alerts by subject line then it still may work. I am looking into the iphone option. Let me know if you try the VIP thing.

  3. This is awesome, but I have an iphone 4s, so I am still not getting the cha-chings, and actually, at this point, I am not getting any notifications (emails, forums, sales, feedback, or questions). I am happy for those who can do this, though! Good job figuring it out!

  4. K - Just found this:
    Step 1:
    Add VIP Senders (Whose Messages Get Special Treatment) in iOS Mail

    To make a sender a VIP in iPhone Mail:

    Open a message from the sender you want to add to your VIP senders.
    Tap the sender's name or email address in the email's header area.
    Now tap Add to VIP.
    This will add the email address to the list of VIP senders, but will not create a new address book entry for the sender. (Neither will it remove an existing one, of course.)

    Step 2: Go to the Home screen.
    Open the Settings app.
    Select Notifications.
    Choose Mail under In Notification Center or Not In Notification Center.
    Now tap VIP.
    Choose the desired style for VIPs' messages under Alert Style.
    Pick whether you want VIP sender's emails in the inbox counted atop the Mail app icon.
    This setting is independent from the general inbox badge counters for email accounts.
    If you turn the badge icon counter off for unread messages in your inboxes in general, for example, but enable it for VIPs, only the latter will appear. (If you enable both the overall and the VIP badge icon counters, VIPs' messages will not be counted twice.)

    But I won't know if it works until I make a sale;-)))))))) I don't have the "cha ching" sound, though!

    Thanks Kristy for pushing me to find this out - I actually laughed at first thinking, "Girl, you don't know who you're asking to try this" - I'm clueless, but I actually found it. YIPEE!! Enjoy your day!

    1. Haha!! Good job!! I can't wait to see if it works. I am afraid though, with those steps, it will make a sound for ALL TpT emails possibly giving you false hope. :(

    2. I think you're right Kristy. This is going to notify you anytime an email comes in from TPT including feedback, etc.

    3. The android one works perfectly. Does anyone use the Gmail app on their iphone?

  5. I didn't even know they HAD an app!! Thank you!!

  6. I need help setting the cha ching sound for my iphone please help.

    1. I heard that the sound has been fixed for the iphone! Make sure you have the latest version.


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