January 18, 2014

Customer Creations: Part 1

8 whole days and not a single blog post! What was I thinking? I promise I (I will try) NOT to let it happen again. :)

I am so excited to finally have a few Customer Creations to share with everyone!

The first one is from Little Helper. (Sorry for the tiny picture.) She used my FREE Valentine's Day Hearts to accent her word puzzles.

This next one is from Love to Teach Primary! She is the first person to share my Groundhog's Day Clip art set! She used the clipart throughout her Groundhog Math Activities products.
Keep um' coming! I love to see my designs in use. If you have created anything with my clip art be sure to share it.
~Mrs. Bearfield~


  1. This is a wonderful idea to showcase products made from your clip art. How did you find out that your products were used? I would love to hear about my products being used in classrooms.

    Techie Turtle Teacher

    1. Thanks for stopping by! These customers have either left a comment on the product or emailed me. I have mentioned many times in forums, on facebook, on blogposts, in comment responses that I love seeing how my creation is involved with someone else's.

      I also follow many of my customers' stores. I can see when they post new products. I would never post an image without their consent.


Thank you for participating! :)


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