November 30, 2015

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: December 2015

December is an extra special month for me because it is my birthday!!! (and my mom's birth month!) That's right! I was born on Dec. 1 and she was born on Dec 14.

I hope you like the December Desktop Calendar! And uhhh, sorry for missing October AND November!! I need more free time. :) I already have a GREAT idea for January so I don't think I'll miss that month. :)

Feel free to download the calendar from my google driver for FREE!

November 29, 2015

TpT Cyber Smile Sale!

I can't miss an opportunity to share a childhood picture of myslef. :) I can count on 1 maybe 2 hands the number of childhood photos that exist of me. Photos are important to me because I have horrible memory. :)

My WHOLE store will be on sale! Please stop by and snag some deals. The sale starts tomorrow and runs through my Birthday (Dec. 1)!!


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