February 26, 2014

Studying for Spanish Class!

I just started my first Spanish Class in about 7 years!! I am super excited about it but it does require a bit of studying. One of my many goals is to become fluent in Spanish. I think it really neat to know multiple languages and I feel Spanish would be really helpful in an Elementary School setting.

I like to study with games, so I scoured the internet to see what I could find.

To study my numbers 1-100:
I used this game. The number is said out loud and you type it in. If you get it right the game continues. If you get it wrong you have to try again.

This site is put up by BBC and has some really nice games. Much better art than the site above. The games are matching games.

Learning Colors

If you took Spanish in high school and also in college you probably realized that what you learn is quite similar. Even though some of these games seem like they are just for little kids, I have found them very helpful in my college years. As I continue through my Spanish class this semester I will try to update this list with any other websites that I find useful.

What tips or tools do you use with your students? What tips or tools did you use when you were in school?
~Mrs. Bearfield~

February 21, 2014

Bright Math Ideas Blog Hop!

Today I am joining up with some amazing bloggers to bring you a collection of Math fun and some freebies! Each blogger will have something different to share, so be sure to go through the whole hop. :)
Even a 3 year old can have fun with math, especially when candy is involved. :) I created these graphing sheets to be easy for my daughter to use. First we guessed how many M&Ms we had in our pile. She sorted them by color and colored the name of the colors. I had to write in our answers.

This activity can easily be adapted to work for Pre K-1st grade. The older kids should be able to write in their own numbers. A conversation heart graphing sheet is also included. You can download these graphing sheets for FREE at my TpT store. :)

Have fun along the hop! 20 other teachers are sharing some of their math fun and each has a FREEBIE for you! Next up on the stop is 2 Scoops of Kindergarten!

2 Scoops of Kindergarten
~Mrs. Bearfield~

February 17, 2014

Calling all Clip Art Addicts!

I am so excited to announce the collaboration of 16 clip art sellers from Teachers pay Teachers. We will be joining up each month to offer 1 of our seasonal products for just $2! You can check out some of the products that will be on sale here. As we get closer to the sale more products will be added. I hope you find something you enjoy!

Here are the links to each seller's store.

We would love to hear your feedback. Any ideas for us to improve? Share them in the comments.
~Mrs. Bearfield~

February 13, 2014

My Life Monday: Tattoos!

I am in LOVE with these My Life Monday post from Beyond the Worksheet! I thank her for these post, it seems this is the only thing that can keep me on a weekly blog schedule. This week she talked about her tattoos!! I love tattoos and currently have 11. I plan to have a full sleeve on my left arm. I know that I will be wearing long sleeves everyday once I start teaching. I started getting tattoos when I was 17 and now, almost 10 years later I don't recall all of the details. I think these are posted in order of when I got them.
This was my first tattoo. I got this one on my right shoulder. I did not take great care of it and it so it is a bit faded now, but I still love it. As you will see most of my tattoos are more about things I like and don't have a sentimental purpose.
This was my second tattoo. This one is on my lower back and I got it BEFORE these tattoos got a horrible name. :( I don't really even have an explanation for this one other than I like it.
Tattoo #3 on my lower hip. Unfortunately, after 1 child this tattoo is almost unrecognizable now. It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. No once except for me can see it. I often think about getting it covered up with a really fat elephant. It's funny to me. :)
Tattoo number 4 is placed on my ribs. This tattoo hurt the second worst. I got a black rose because I like them. I have never seen one in real life but I really want to. Of course actual black roses do not exist but they do dye them and there are some really dark purple roses as well.

My robot is tattoo #5. This robot is part of my sleeve in progress on my left arm. The art work is from a music group my husband had a while back. The music wasn't widely known and I don't really even like it. I liked the robot and that is how I choose to get a tattoo.

I love dinosaurs. I love what they stand for (the earth being really old). I knew for a long time that I wanted to get a dinosaur tattoo. Here is my T-rex tattoo!
The last few I got really close together. They are all a part of my sleeve.

 The blue alien is from The Creatures in my Head. I followed this artist for a few years. I think the little monsters and quotes are so cute. I wanted to get something from his collection as a tattoo and I did.

Tetris! I love this game. As a child it was 1 of the 2 games I had for my gameboy. I still play video games a lot and I had to have a video game tattoo. After beating tetris for the first time ever, the decision for this tattoo was easy. I also plan to get a Galaga tattoo as this was the other game I had as a child.

As you have probably noticed I have a science theme going on. I got this space shuttle tattoo only a month or two before the space program changed forever. No more manned space missions from the US made me very sad. I am happy to have this tattoo and hope that one day we will again have manned space missions.
I am sure Lindsay would love to see your tattoos as well. Check out all of the other awesome things she has on her blog too!
~Mrs. Bearfield~ 

February 3, 2014

My Life Monday!

 I am so excited to be participating in Beyond the Worksheet's blog linky My Life Monday!! I love sharing tidbits of my personal life with others. Who doesn't right? I mean really if you asked I would probably just sit down and tell you my whole life's story. :) These week she shared her home office!
My desk sits in a little indention area in our living room. My husbands desk is on the other side of the living room. We are gamers so we wanted to be able to play in the same room. (I can't recall the last time I had time for a video game though.) :( If you are looking for a cheap monitor stand check out that paper and cookbook! If you buy a real computer stand they cost $26! Mine was WAY more affordable. The cook book was a Christmas gift and the paper was FREE with Staples Rewards (all teachers should be taking advantage of Staples Rewards!)

On my right hand side is this oh so lovely junk display! I need tons of things at my reach at my desk. I love having everything right within my reach, including my deodorant. :) That tiny shelf holds so much, teaching resources for my 3 year old, sticky notes, candy, lotion, crayons, delivery menus, my super cute hot pink measuring tape and so much more. You would not have liked to see my desk before that shelf came into my life. I still keep to stacks of random things on either side of me.
Ahhh the memo board. I HAD to have a magnetic, dry erase memo board to hold all of my magnets of course. :) Sadly I rarely use the thing. I did use it to track my sales before I reached the amount needed to offset my TpT membership. Oh and check out that 7 year old picture of me and my husband!

I cannot wait to see what Lindsay has in planned for next week! I hope you will link up with her and share your home offices too.
~Mrs. Bearfield~

February 2, 2014

What a Pinteresting Day!

I hope this will turn into a weekly series of me sharing some of my favorite seasonal pins. This week I am sharing with you some super cute Valentine's Day classroom door decorations!
Door #1 is covered in aluminum foil! You could have each student color and create some heart wing butterflies. The heart wreath is just a black and red boa!
Door #2 is covered in love notes! Have each student write their name on a tiny heart. Add a paper mailbox and some festive envelopes to finish the look.
Door #3 is covered in bright red paper and has a silver garland around the edge. Photos of each student with a mustache, tiny mustaches, and colorful hearts add more fun to the design.

Have you see any cute Valentine's Day doors lately?

Be sure to check out my Printable Valentine's Day Card.
~Mrs. Bearfield~

February 1, 2014

Group Giveaway #3!

Ok, this is the last giveaway for a little while so be sure to enter. Special thanks to S.O.L. Train, another Va blogger, for taking the time to put this one together. There are lots of great products up for grabs. You can enter this giveaway until Feb. 8th!  You will need to go to S.O.L. Train's blog to enter the huge giveaway!

 ~Mrs. Bearfield~


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