July 29, 2014

2 for Tuesday!!

Hooray for The Teaching Tribune and their weekly linkys! Here are the 2 items that I put on sale today!
These are color posters to decorate your classroom with. Each one has 2 real photographs to showcase the color.

This is my second most wish listed item! Interactive Notebook Pocket Templates. Grab it for just $.75!

July 26, 2014

My Highs and Lows

I am so excited for this new link from A First for Everything! It is a weekly linky where you share your highs and lows. You can post as many highs and lows in your post as you like. Hopefully you have more highs than lows.
-My high this week was having my work schedule go back from Mon-Fri to Sun-Thurs. I love having off on Fridays and Saturdays!
-Another high this week has been working on new blog designs for some amazing customers.
-My low has been trying to find a hotel for our mini beach vacation with my brother in law and his family. I really LOVE shopping but not for hotels. (I still have not decided and we leave on 8/6.)

July 24, 2014

Christmas in July Sale!!

I am so excited to be joining in with SEVERAL other sellers to throw a Christmas in July Sale! Everything in my store is 20% off!

Mention this post during the sale and get $5 off of your custom blog design!

Seasons Greetings!

July 11, 2014

Workin' on it Wednesday!

I am super excited to be linking up with Middle School Math Moments to share what I am currently working on. I have a short little list of things I am actually working on and a LONG list of things I plan to work on.

First up, we have a blog design for Sunny and Bright in First Grade! We are adding the finishing touches. :)
Second up, I am working on another blog, it is a bit too early to share images for that one.

Lastly, we have a new TpT product I am working on. I will soon be adding more tie dye digital papers to my store! I have one set available here and this new set will have a few more color options. Leave a comment down below if you need some custom tie dye colors. Maybe I will be able to add them in. Oh, and did I mention you can grab this one for FREE! Simply right click the picture, click open image, then right click and choose save as! Feel free to use it however you like. Let me know in the comments if you decide to download it. :)

Helpful Blogger Network!

Yay! I just joined the Helpful Blogger Network! That means you get to ask me whatever questions you like. I can be pretty useful in the Technology and Blogging areas. :)

Here are the rules one must follow in order to link up with Fifth in the Middle:
  • You agree to do your best to answer questions posed to you on your blog in a reasonable amount of time.
  • If you cannot answer the question, you will still reply to the person asking the question.
  • Add the button to your blog's sidebar.
  • If you have another area of expertise on which you would be willing to field questions, state that in the Name field, ie. technology, TpT, behavior management, etc. 
You can go here to read more about the network and see if anyone else might be able to answer your questions. Enjoy and ask away. :)

July 8, 2014

Don't Miss the Last 2 for Tuesday!

So for the last 2 for Tuesday for a unspecified amount of time, I thought I would put my newest product on sale for 50% off! This is my Building Blocks Bundle! So that is DOUBLE savings! This bundle includes 4 different sets with a Building Blocks theme. Clipart, frames, and digital papers all included!

I really could not decide on a second item to put on sale. So, here is what I am going to do. If there is an item in my store that you want to purchase half off, leave me a comment here or on Facebook with the product name and I will put it on sale! This will only be for today! I can't wait to hear what item has been hanging out on your wish list!

July 7, 2014

Monday Meet Me!

I hope that you have had as much fun with The Teaching Tribune's weekly link ups as I have had. This is sadly the last week. Here are some fun facts about me. :)

July 5, 2014

Back to School Sales

YAY!!! I LOVE this time of year. Maybe it is my love for teachers or my love for couponing but I love shopping for school supplies. This year, the sales have already begun! I will try to keep you up to date on some of the really awesome sales but if I can't keep up (which is likely to happen), I wanted to talk about my FAVORITE couponing and deal site, Hip2Save.com! I have been following this site for several years and I am SO thankful to have found it. Collin over at Hip2Save posted a school supply shopping guide last year. This guide shows the lowest price you can expect to pay for certain items. I know that teachers are often spending a ton of their own money to improve their classrooms, so I hope this information will help you stretch your dollar just a little further. Remember most of the office stores have special 25 item limits and other rewards just for teachers.

Have you started school supply shopping yet? What great deals do you hope to score? Let me know in the comments and I will keep my eyes peeled.

July 4, 2014

How to use Google Web Fonts

Yay! Another awesome link up by The Teaching Tribune! Unfortunately, I did not have time to create another font of my own, but I am sure you will enjoy this post just as much.
The first thing is to not let the name "Google Web Font" fool you. Sure you can easily use these fonts on your blog but did you know that you can download them and use them in your commercial products? Yep! It's true. Check out this message form Google that talks all about it. This morning I downloaded 95 fonts to add to my collection. I love that these fonts are Truly Hassle Free and I don't have to worry about using them. They have 600+ fonts for you to choose from.

1. To download the fonts, you will first need to make a collection. Browse through all of the fonts and click "Add to Collection".
2. Once you have added all of your favorite fonts, you will need to download them by clicking this tiny arrow in the top left hand side of the screen.
3. Next, the window below will pop up and you can click "Download the font families in your Collection as a .zip file"
4. Once your download is done, unzip the file and follow your normal process for installing fonts.
5. Be sure to come back and let me know which font was your favorite. :)

Of course one of my favorites is the Great Vibes font. This is the one I am using for my blog design.

July 3, 2014

New Use for Old Alphie Cards

I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their Throwback Thursday post. This was originally posted on my other not successful blog in Nov. of 2013. Somehow our Alphie started working again after that post. :)

A few years ago we bought our daughter an Alphie because it was on sale and she loved robots. We did not expect her to use it for learning right away because she was only about 2 when she received it. From then until recently Alphie has been abused. He has been dropped, slobbered on, and thrown. His speech became garbled and eventually he could no longer talk. Unfortunately, even after multiple trips to the "hospital" he didn't make it. Me, being the great deal shopper that I am had already picked up 3 sets of cards to go with Alphie. After his demise I began to think about how I could use those cards that I already purchased. Here is what I came up with.

I decided to take some of the cards and cut them up. Now we can use these Alphie cards for our own little learning games. These Alphie Booster pack include all sorts of fun things to do. There are matching cards, numbers, letter sounds, colors, rhyming words, and even musical instruments.

July 1, 2014

Currently! July!

In honor of this currently, I will let it speak for itself. Too sleepy. :)

Thanks again to Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the fun link up!

Two for Tuesday!!

I hope you love a sale as much as I do!! Once again I am linking up with the Teaching Tribune for their 2 for Tuesday!

This week I thought I would discount my newest product! I had a custom request come in for a set of digital papers with white polka dots. On sale for just $1! This is the first product to use my new Kristybear Designs branding.

For my second product, I decided to go with the most expensive item in my store! My Interactive Notebook Bundle will be on sale for just $2.50! If you have not purchased it yet, now would be the time. All 6 sets below are included!

Also, be on the look out for some special blog design deals! :)


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