May 12, 2015

$6 Arctic Sensory Bin

It is RARE that anything holds my daughter's attention for more than 10 minutes but this sensory bin had entertained for more than 2 hours! It was super easy to make and only cost me $6!

First I purchased the white tub at the Dollar Tree and then filled it about halfway with water. I added a few drops of blue food coloring to make it a bit brighter. I filled another smaller rectangle container with ice and placed it on the right side. This made the little rectangle swimming pool. If I had thought about it ahead of time I would have tilted one side of the container while freezing to make a sliding slope but this one had a little hill to it. I picked up a 12 pack of the little figures from A.C. Moore. Of course I used a coupon so they only cost me $5!
Have you made any sensory bins lately? I think we are going to try polka dot soup next!


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