December 28, 2013

My Goals for 2014!

What an interesting year this has been. This was us a few weeks ago at the mall! Sorry for the poor photo is was totally spur of the moment and my brother in law is not that great at photography. :)

-It started with me finally landing that job promotion I had been chasing for 2 years! I went from customer service to workforce management.

-In the middle of the year my 5 year long battle of trying to get my community college to apply my transfer credits correctly came to and end! Leaving me only 4 classes away from my Associates Degree in Elementary Education. I still have a long way away.
-My daughter is getting to that age where she has an opinion and can do things. While at times it has been a struggle I am so proud of her and all she has learned. This has spawned great moments like this:
Me: Zoey clean your toys.
Zoey: but mommy can you clean my toys?
Me: No. Can't you clean them?
Zoey: I'll clean a little and you can clean a lot.
Me: ummm why can't you clean them all?
Zoey: because you are the best cleaner in the whole wide world!
Me: Nice try

And also Wofy (that creepy little purple fish we picked up from Christmas Tree Shops for $.75) came into our lives. This is her favorite thing ever.

-Throughout the year we were able to visit some pretty fun places. We ventured to the beach and to a local botanical garden. My husband and I really enjoy carnivorous plants. We recently started our own little collection but it was nice to see some in the outdoors. We are crossing our fingers that our carnivorous plant collection makes it through the winter!

-In November I became a seller on Teachers pay Teachers and have enjoyed every minute!
What does my future hold? If I only I knew. I do have some goals for this upcoming year.

-Graduation in Spring of 2014! I still will not be able to teach but I will have an associates degree and after 8 years of schooling I am finally ready to have at least 1 degree to my name.

-On January 4th I will celebrate my 8 year wedding anniversary!

-I have a few goals related to blogging and my TpT store as well. The first goal is to reach 100 products in my store. I would like to help as many TpT sellers as I can. I have already signed up for the mentor program and I have sort of started my own TpT blog giveaway outreach program as well. It will be interesting to see how this develops. One day I would love to be making enough money from my TpT store so that I do not have to work full time and instead I can go to school full time. I don't want to spend another 12 years taking classes instead of teaching them. :)

I wish everyone a successful and happy new year. What are your new years resolutions?

~Mrs. Bearfield~


  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a great year! I've signed up to join one of your giveaways, which was a great idea too! I'm also hoping to expand my store to 100 items by the end of 2014. It would be nice if TpT income could pay my bills :)

    1. OOOOhh wouldn't that be nice! TpT paying the bills. Then I could finally finish school instead of working a regular job all day. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kristy,
    I love your blog. I've found you through the TPT forum. I'm following you through bloglovin. I love you suggestion on the forum about people making their blogs easier to follow. I need all the help I can get. If you get a chance, visit me at and see what you think. Thanks! Sherry

    1. I think your blog is off to a great start! So cute!

  3. Quick question also. What font is this in your blog? Mine was set by the company who created it and it seems hard to read at times. I love this font. I don't know if mine can be changed or not. Thanks for your help! Sherry

    1. The font I am using is called Coming Soon. It is one of the fonts that google offers through blogger. Yes your font can be changed. If you have blogger I can help. If you have wordpress I might be able to figure something out. :) Send me a message if you like,

  4. The best cleaner in the whole wide world! So cute! I am stopping by from tpt!



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