December 22, 2013

More Elfing Around!

Here are a few more Elf on the Shelf ideas for you and they are classroom approved! (not classroom tested) hehe Our girl elf Harry delivered a jingle bell necklace for Zoey. Harry also took out all of her books and had a nice little read in the middle of the living room.  

Everyday I find myself searching for quick and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas. I am not sure where I first saw the idea of using cotton balls as snow but it worked for us. Harry led a snowy cotton ball trail all the way to Zoey's bedroom. This worked as a double activity. Zoey decided to have a blast with these snow balls and throw them all over the place. She threw them in the air and pretended like it was snowing. I was completely OK with this because these super light balls could not hurt a fly. Ahhh worry free fun! On day 2 of having the cotton balls out she is still entertained by them!

After having the cotton balls thrown all over the house we could not use them for their normal purpose, so I copied this Spiderman idea. He had to swing in and save Lalaloopsy and some random chick! My daughter LOVES super heroes so this was right up her ally. She did not take her eyes of of these spidey events for a good minute. Which is FOREVER in 3 year old land! :)

Cool! As I was typing this post and uploading the images Google sent me a message about an animated photo that Google automatically created. I never heard of such a thing but the first photo is what they sent to me. So neat!

What has your Elf been up to this week? What is your Elf's name?

~Mrs. Bearfield~


  1. Super cute ideas! I pinned this so I can use it in my classroom next year!


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