December 15, 2013

A few Elf Activities from Last Year!

(This is a re-post (with some added commentary) from my other blog of our Elf activities from last year.)

Day 6 -Elf (and technically my BFF) brought some BINGO dabbers. We used them to decorate wrapping paper. This might be a fun activity for the classroom too!

Day 7 -Elf turned the milk green! (SN: Don't try this at home. gross details---> My husband changed a diaper shortly after my 2 year old consumed this festive milk and apparently she had festive poo.):

Day 8 -Our Elf got a new name on day 8! Her new name is Sparkly! My daughter came to me and said, "Mommy, elf name is Sparkly!" This was quite random, but I was thankful because I like Sparkly much better than the old name Elf. And you can see Sparkly above after she just made an X-mas tree.

*This year our girl elf has been named Harry.*

Go here to view all of the other Elf on the Shelf ideas I have used last year!

Anyone else out there participating in this fun yet creepy tradition that is sweeping the nation? Leave your ideas in the comments and be sure to check back frequently as I will be posting all of our Elf activities right here.

~Mrs. Bearfield~

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