December 18, 2013

Create! - Glittery Gingerbread Man

This semester has been lots of fun! I was able to observe and participate in a local kindergarten class! My host teacher Mrs. W was amazing! After my official class visits I had to go back and pick something up and I thought I would stay a while and help out. Mrs. W offered up this fun craft for me to do with my daughter!

These are the supplies we used.

I helped put the glue in the "right" place for the icing and eyes but I let her do the buttons and mouth.

Our little gingerbread man now proudly hangs in our living room. Which reminds me about these Scotch Restickable shapes. These things are amazing for quickly hanging things up! Be careful as the could tear the paper. (I was not paid to talk about Scotch but I did get a free sample of these things a while back.)

What fun things did you do with your kids this week? Either your at home kids or your school kids? :)

~Mrs. Bearfield~

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