June 3, 2015

My One Wall Office!

I love sharing things about my personal life even when they may not be that glamorous! Here is my 1 wall office! I actually participated in a similar linky last year. I forgot how much I have changed things up in my little space! You can check out last year's office if your curious. If you want to link up then jump on over to Lucky Little Learners blog or Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and enjoy the view.
I use my desk area for everything! I actually spend most of my at home time at my desk. I use it for blog design, school work, fun, and GAMING!

1. You can't really see it to well in this picture but this is a super cute octopus from target. I think it is supposed to be for keys but right now it is holding my headphones and a necklace.
2. This light stays on almost all of the time but it is really ugly. You can see the shade is cracked. I went shopping for a new light and could not find something that I liked and that was affordable. I guess I am keep this thing for a few more years.
3. Since my desk does not have drawers I use this little white cube shelf to store all of my supplies. Do you see my business cards peeking through? The top of the shelf is where I keep any mail I need to look through.
4. Junk. :) Ok, I guess that 2in accounting book isn't junk but I am not too happy that I have to use it.
5. See that thrifty monitor stand? This picture makes me want a larger monitor. Maybe mine can break? :)
6. CORDS!!! Don't look down there. Seriously though, any tips on hiding them?
7. As I mentioned in last years post, I just HAD to have this board. At least it now holds my daughters school supply list for the fall and the fall school calendar. Is it too early for that? #kindergarten2015
8. More junk but most importantly my PENS!! I don't think I can fit another pin in that cup and I'm ok with that.
9. Little toys that my daughter likes to bring to me. That dark gray thing on the corner is her little mailbox! She earns tickets for listening well and other "good" things. In that mess corner there is also a printer!
10. More junk. :( My phone, some crayons, and my super powered computer is under there hiding.

I really want to install shelves above my desk to hide organize some of my junk awesome things that I must have at fingertips length. :) Unfortunately, I don't trust my handy work to hold more than a pencil. If you have some tips for me, I would love to hear them. :)

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us Kristy! I really like your blog design. I enjoyed reading your post too!
    Lucky Little Learners


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