June 2, 2015

Currently June!!

Yay for Summer!! Thanks to Farley for hosting this fun linky!

Listening: My daughter and calm normally do not fit in the same sentence but since we started these sensory bins, I have been able to fit them together a few times. Last night I put together a Space themed sensory bin and she has been playing with it all day long! Here is a sneak peak. :)
Loving: These TOOBS are awesome! If you have ever been to a craft store I am sure you have seen them but I have recently started amassing a collection! They are the perfect size for sensory bins and come in SOO many fun options!! I have purchased the Space set, Arctic set, and the Mythical Realms set! On my list to purchase next is the Ancient Egyptian set and the Deep Sea Creatures! Really though, I want them all! I could have easily filled up this whole post talking about them! You'll see them in many of my upcoming sensory bin post too! With a coupon they are only about $5 and I think they are worth every penny!

Thinking: Ugh! I have been procrastinating my Accounting homework soo bad. I find it so awesome but so mentally draining!

Wanting: Some free time! Ugh, the amount of homework that I should be doing has me overwhelmed. Sometimes when that happens I go into shutdown mode and I feel like I cannot focus on anything. Not blogging, not designing, not homework, just family or TV. Luckily I have TOO much stuff to do so I refuse to let that happen. That's why I'm blogging right now! I think it is relaxing? lol

Needing: A maid! Don't we all want a maid? I want my house to get a good moping and scrubbing! Any volunteers? :)

Summer Lovin: I really hope to make it to a beach this summer! I will be done with my summer class by the second week in August! I love saving money! It is yard sale season and I have already enjoyed a few! I really need to have my own but that involves me having some free time. We shall see if I get to one this summer. My daughter is going to go to summer camp for the last week in June! She really needs this time to work on her social skills before school starts. I know she is going to have a blast!

FYI: I have for the first time used affiliate links in the above post. The content is my own. IF you really don't like seeing links everywhere, leave me a comment and I will reconsider. :)

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