February 3, 2014

My Life Monday!

 I am so excited to be participating in Beyond the Worksheet's blog linky My Life Monday!! I love sharing tidbits of my personal life with others. Who doesn't right? I mean really if you asked I would probably just sit down and tell you my whole life's story. :) These week she shared her home office!
My desk sits in a little indention area in our living room. My husbands desk is on the other side of the living room. We are gamers so we wanted to be able to play in the same room. (I can't recall the last time I had time for a video game though.) :( If you are looking for a cheap monitor stand check out that paper and cookbook! If you buy a real computer stand they cost $26! Mine was WAY more affordable. The cook book was a Christmas gift and the paper was FREE with Staples Rewards (all teachers should be taking advantage of Staples Rewards!)

On my right hand side is this oh so lovely junk display! I need tons of things at my reach at my desk. I love having everything right within my reach, including my deodorant. :) That tiny shelf holds so much, teaching resources for my 3 year old, sticky notes, candy, lotion, crayons, delivery menus, my super cute hot pink measuring tape and so much more. You would not have liked to see my desk before that shelf came into my life. I still keep to stacks of random things on either side of me.
Ahhh the memo board. I HAD to have a magnetic, dry erase memo board to hold all of my magnets of course. :) Sadly I rarely use the thing. I did use it to track my sales before I reached the amount needed to offset my TpT membership. Oh and check out that 7 year old picture of me and my husband!

I cannot wait to see what Lindsay has in planned for next week! I hope you will link up with her and share your home offices too.
~Mrs. Bearfield~

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