February 13, 2014

My Life Monday: Tattoos!

I am in LOVE with these My Life Monday post from Beyond the Worksheet! I thank her for these post, it seems this is the only thing that can keep me on a weekly blog schedule. This week she talked about her tattoos!! I love tattoos and currently have 11. I plan to have a full sleeve on my left arm. I know that I will be wearing long sleeves everyday once I start teaching. I started getting tattoos when I was 17 and now, almost 10 years later I don't recall all of the details. I think these are posted in order of when I got them.
This was my first tattoo. I got this one on my right shoulder. I did not take great care of it and it so it is a bit faded now, but I still love it. As you will see most of my tattoos are more about things I like and don't have a sentimental purpose.
This was my second tattoo. This one is on my lower back and I got it BEFORE these tattoos got a horrible name. :( I don't really even have an explanation for this one other than I like it.
Tattoo #3 on my lower hip. Unfortunately, after 1 child this tattoo is almost unrecognizable now. It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. No once except for me can see it. I often think about getting it covered up with a really fat elephant. It's funny to me. :)
Tattoo number 4 is placed on my ribs. This tattoo hurt the second worst. I got a black rose because I like them. I have never seen one in real life but I really want to. Of course actual black roses do not exist but they do dye them and there are some really dark purple roses as well.

My robot is tattoo #5. This robot is part of my sleeve in progress on my left arm. The art work is from a music group my husband had a while back. The music wasn't widely known and I don't really even like it. I liked the robot and that is how I choose to get a tattoo.

I love dinosaurs. I love what they stand for (the earth being really old). I knew for a long time that I wanted to get a dinosaur tattoo. Here is my T-rex tattoo!
The last few I got really close together. They are all a part of my sleeve.

 The blue alien is from The Creatures in my Head. I followed this artist for a few years. I think the little monsters and quotes are so cute. I wanted to get something from his collection as a tattoo and I did.

Tetris! I love this game. As a child it was 1 of the 2 games I had for my gameboy. I still play video games a lot and I had to have a video game tattoo. After beating tetris for the first time ever, the decision for this tattoo was easy. I also plan to get a Galaga tattoo as this was the other game I had as a child.

As you have probably noticed I have a science theme going on. I got this space shuttle tattoo only a month or two before the space program changed forever. No more manned space missions from the US made me very sad. I am happy to have this tattoo and hope that one day we will again have manned space missions.
I am sure Lindsay would love to see your tattoos as well. Check out all of the other awesome things she has on her blog too!
~Mrs. Bearfield~ 

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