August 9, 2014

Highs and Lows!!

It's that time again!! My weekly highs and lows. This week has been so exciting!
This weeks there have been so many highs!! 
-We had a beach vacation with my brother in law and his family.
-I got my very first henna tattoo!
-I won an award at work and I get to go to a fancy dinner party!

With the awesome vacation we had there have not been many lows this week. If I had to pull out a few, this would be it. 
-Behavior: We are really struggling to improve the behavior of my 4 year old. 
-I found out I have to work on X-mas. 
-The hotel we stayed in at the beach was not very nice. 

Stop on by A First for Everything's blog and link up! Hopefully you have to struggle to pull out some lows for the week too. :)

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  1. Love that henna tattoo! I hear your on the behavior issue with your little one. I have 3 boys and I'm soooo ready for them to go back to school! Thanks for linking up!


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