August 14, 2014

Custom Blog Design Giveaway Extravaganza!!

I am so happy to have worked with so many of you on your blog design. I am excited to be able to call myself a graphics artist and blog designer. I never thought I would give myself any artsy title. I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs and some new products. Many of the participants wanted to share a blogging tip for any new bloggers who may be entering the giveaway. Not only are there 43 TpT Sellers participating, we also have a Custom Blog Design by me, a T-Shirt giveaway from A+ Images and some fun Jamberry nail wraps from Elizabeth!

The first prize is my Universe Custom Blog Design Package. There will be 1 winner for this prize and 1 winner for each of the groups below.

As a special offer, during the giveaway only, my Universe Custom Blog Design Package is on sale for just $70! That is $20 off of the regular price and it includes everything you need to get started blogging as well as several items for your TpT store, facebook and whatever other social media sites you are using. 

All Grown Up - Group 1
Countless Smart Cookies wants you to remember to, "Connect, connect, connect! Create a Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and collaborate with teachers all over the world." She is giving away her Motivational Quotes Posters!
The Core of Grade 4 is giving 1 lucky winner a $5 store credit!

Dots and Cupcakes - Group 2
I am sure you have heard of Jamberry before, right? Well my high school friend Elizabeth would like to treat one lucky winner to a half sheet of this cute Jamberry style and a bonus accent sheet!
Autism Adventures is giving 1 winner a $5 credit to their store.
Stephanie Rye wants to make sure your new students know all about the Theme with her Theme Posters. Her new blogger tip is, "Spend as much time as you can developing relationships with other bloggers. Read as many blogs as you can and leave lots of comments. When you need a helping hand you will have tons of blogging buddies to turn to!"
If you like birthday parties then you will surely need Andrea's Artifacts Birthday Set!
Joyful Projections is giving 1 lucky winner a $5 store credit! 

Wild West - Group 3
Teaching In Bronco Country wants you to, "Set aside a time to blog each week. Its easy to let your blog fall behind when you are busy. Also be yourself on your blog, that is more important then trying to be like your favorite bloggers. Followers like you and want to know you!" She is giving the winner $5 to spend in her store!
Laughing In Second is giving away her 50 States Clipart and she wants you to, "Have fun & use lots of pictures :)" when blogging.
AJ Bergs is giving away a set of Glittery Farm Labels!

Learning in K-3 - Group 4
Tales from a Naturalista Teacha wants to give you a $5 credit to her store.
K's Kreations might be giving away this Ocean Themed Classroom Decor set but there's nothing fishy about her blogging tip. "Keep a list of future blog ideas as you are inspired- use the reminder feature in your phone, notebook entry, etc. You will be thankful later to have so many ideas to pull from."
Having fun choosing something from Andrea Crawford's TpT Store. Remember to "Just be yourself! Make your posts sound like something you would tell your friends in your tone of voice. It makes it much more interesting to read!"
My Life At The Pencil Sharpener would like you to enjoy $5 in products from her store. Her, "best tip for new bloggers (as she is one) is to learn from the "greats." Think of some of the great blogs that you have enjoyed reading and use these as your guide on how to make your blog worthwhile for your readers."
Isla Hearts Teaching is giving away some Spelling Task Cards.
Teacherof20 would like your Vowels to be Voracious! She's giving you just the tool; her Voracious Vowel Pairs activities.
Mrs Schlachter is sharing her Literature in the Math Classroom Tanagrams to the winner of this group.

Learning in 4-5 - Group 5
The Techie Teacher is giving 1 lucky winner a $5 credit!
Melissa Dalton will let you choose $5 worth of products from her store.
The winner will enjoy a $5 shopping spree from Chalk Box Tales. Her new blogger tip is to, "Find other blogs similar to yours and join Linky Parties which interest you and your readers."
Mrs. O knows that you should, "Write about what you enjoy. Never write because you feel like you have to. If you have a busy month and you don't genuinely have anything to share or maybe the time to do it, it's ok to skip it. It's better to have a few great posts then a bunch that feel forced!". She also wants to make sure your students are logging their independent reading with her Independent Reading Logs.
The Third Wheel is sharing a $5 store credit with 1 winner and she wants new bloggers to, "Blog what you know and love. You will sound more authentic, and be excited to blog. If you just blog to sell products, it will turn into a chore."

Saving the Day - Group 6 has been generous enough to donate one of their new Glitter Rocks T-Shirts and they are awesome!
Michelle Dupuis is saving the day with her Super Here Back to School set. She also wants to share a great tip for new bloggers; "Don't hesitate to get your blog designed. I did not know where to start. I chose Kristy and do NOT regret it." I didn't even make her say that. :)
Here's an idea by Lucy S. is giving the winner of this group a $5 credit to her store which includes lots of resources for learning a new language. She has some great tips for new bloggers too. "Watermark ALL your blog pictures. Links get lost/broken on Pinterest and you'll want your pictures credited to you."
Comprehension Connection wants your students to be Inspired with her Motivational Posters.
Crafty Bee Creations has some amazing Back to School Craftivities for the winner of this group.

Smorgasbord - Group 7
First Grade Fun with Mrs. Dunn wants you to think yummy thoughts with this S'Mores clipart set.
The Pioneer Teacher says, "Don't just blog about your store and your products that you're selling. Blog about your life, your adventures, your family, and your hobbies. Blog about your recipes, places you've been to, about your kids, tips from your classroom to mine, experiences teaching, funny moments in the classroom,..... etc." As a winner of Group 7, you will get a $ credit to this store.
Who's going to win this Owl Bulletin Board Set from 123kteach? She says, "Have you tried using online animated gifs to your posts or products. They provide a slide show of your material to show off all your hard work. You can also try animated gifs to make exciting pins for Pinterest. Check out my blog for step by step directions to get started."
CreateEducateInspire says to, "Be You. Don't feel like you have to write posts every week. If you have something that is going on and you want to share, then write about it. Don't force yourself to write something that isn't you." If you win this bundle you will get her Build your own Classroom Calendar set.

Ainslee Labs is giving 1 lucky winner a $5 store credit!
Speech Sprouts helped me remember an important blogging tip; "Be sure to watermark all your photos... You want credit when someone shares or pins!" and she is giving away $5 in awesome resources to the winner of this group.

Chevron Fun - Group 8
KB3Teach is amazing and she's got some super cute Chevron Alphabet Clipart to share with this winner.
Brittani Black has got $5 to her store for the winner of the Chevron Group!
Teacher Karma says to, "Find your OWN voice, speak from the heart, and connect with as many other teacher bloggers as you can. Best of Luck!". The winner of this group can enjoy some Chevron Journal Clipart.
Fourth Grade Lemonade is giving a winner some Chevron Daily Schedule Cards.

Time's Up - Group 9
Mrs. Hildebrand say that, "Blogging can be just like high school - you are sometimes tempted to try and follow the trends and fit in with the mainstream. Blogging is a personal journey and to do it WELL stay true to who you are, what you want to achieve, and your goals." She will give the winner of Group 9 a $5 credit.
SOL Train Learning says it's a good idea to, "Try to establish a focus on your blog and share those important moments in your classroom that other teachers could benefit from." The winner will enjoy $5s to her store.
Brain Domain Kids Literacy Skills wants your students to follow the rules and you can use her Back to School Classroom Rules Banners to remind them what they are.
Your students will be eager to learn to tell time with these Clock Hands from Schoolhouse Treasures.
KayJo has a cute Alice in Wonderland Classroom Decor set for the winner of this group.

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