December 8, 2015

Back in July, I received a sample T-Shirt for reviewing! My T-shirt came from but I was able to customize it exactly how I wanted. I chose a light pink shirt with my color text logo. This shirt looks AMAZING! Even now, 6 months later, after many washes the print and shirt still look great!!

I cannot recommend this company enough!! I have worked with them 1 other time and they are so patient and willing to help. It truly is awesome!

I wanted to also share a few of my favorite designs from their websites. I absolutely LOVE their Classroom Faces T-Shirts. How cute is it that each student can draw their own picture for the shirt!
My other favorite would have to be the Glitter Rocks Shirt series! They have these for almost anything you can think of and they are super cute!
Let me know if you have ordered something from A+ Images! I would love to see how it turned out.

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