June 18, 2014

What's in a Name?

I am once again reaching out to all of my amazing readers for some help! I am looking to change the name of my blog and TpT store. There are a few reasons why "On the way to Mrs. Bearfield's Class" no longer works. The first reason is that it is really looooooong. When I originally chose the name I was hardheartedly planning to become a teacher. In fact, I just completed my Associates Degree in Elementary Education. Unfortunately, times have change and I am no longer majoring in Education. (I promise to give a more detailed post on this soon.) I feel that the current name could be a bit misleading. I don't currently have a class, never have and probably never will. At least I don't think teaching 1 rambunctious 4 year old counts as a "class"? lol

In looking for a new name, I wanted something that was a bit more generic. I offer blog designs, clip art and a few other things in my TpT store. I started tossing around a few ideas.

1. Designs by Kristy - My issue with this one is that there is another AMAZING blog designer in the TpT world who goes by Designs by Christi. See the trouble there?

2. Designs by Kris - Not too bad, but I don't really use that as a nickname.

3. Designs by K - The blogspot URL is already taken. Not the end of the world per-say...

4. Kristy's Designs - I don't like the apostrophe. It just gets in the way.

5. This is where you come in. What do you think? Does it matter what the name is? I have been using this one for about 7 months. Is it too late to change?

I frequently use KristyBear for things since my last name is Bearfield, it works. Kind of.

For anyone who takes the time to leave me some constructive feedback on the topic, I will give you 1 of my five mini doodle frames packs. See below for options. Thanks for your help.



  1. Hi Kristi - I see your troubles with all the names you suggested. How about Designs by Mrs. B? It is much shorter than your full name. I hope this helps! I am sure what ever you decide will be wonderful and successful :)

  2. Designs From the Bear Field? KBear Designs?

    1. KBear Designs... Not bad. Please send me an email at kristybearfield@gmail.com to claim your digital frames.

  3. Hi Kristy! I think you should use your last name somehow. I LOVE that it has "bear" in it and that would make your store/blog name super unique. I like What Mrs. A said "Designs From the Bear Field" but it might be a little long. Maybe something like:
    -Designs by KristyBear
    -KristyBear Designs
    -Bearfield Designs
    -Mrs. Bearfield's Designs

    I hope this helps!! :)

  4. Thanks everyone for all of your help! I think right now I am leaning towards Kristy Bear Designs or Designs by Kristy Bear. When I was into wedding photography my "company" name was Kristy Bear Photography.

  5. How about Kristy Designs or KristyBear Designs? I like it and you won't have the apostrophe!

  6. Mrs. B. Designs or Bearfield Graphics. KB Treasures


Thank you for participating! :)


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